Building Analysis

Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art | Zaha Hadid

arch 232 individual studio project | 2018
Benay Gürsoy Toykoç, Assistant Professor

Views showing the same positive and negative spaces.

This museum is anchored by a plane which has been curled to be perpendicular to the ground, representing the urban fabric turned vertically. Stairs connect individual volumes which contain museum exhibits and which represent the building activity centers which activate the urban fabric.

Phillips Exeter Academy Library | Louis Khan

arch 231 individual studio project | 2017
Reggie Aviles, Architecture Lecturer

Exploded axonometric

Pencil on Vellum
33 x 33 inches

Perspective on plan

Pencil on Vellum
17.5 x 21 inches

Langen Foundation | Todao Ando

arch 131 individual studio project | 2016
James Kalsbeek, Associate Professor | Vernelle Noel, Teaching Assistant

The Langen Foundation Museum is integrated into the ground in its materials, program layout, and immediate site design. To show this integration, the building forms emerge from the ground when the shelf is opened. The shelf has tracks which push each form out of the ground plane above.