Cities & Water Symbiosis

arch 491 individual studio project | 2020
Darla Lindberg, Professor
a three part series on the interaction of people with nature

Humans have built and governed with and against nature since they began building cities, but interaction between the two could be more efficient and beneficial to each. The interaction between people and their environment is most pronounced where cities interact with water: cities are humans’ natural settlement pattern and water is what sustains all life.

Three projects at varying scales illustrate improved interaction between cities and water:

At the national scale, borders between jurisdictions would often be more efficient if they followed existing watershed and development boundaries. Learn more >

Regionally, water and the topography that directs it should inform development patterns. Learn more >

At a local level, urban development celebrating water, rather than shunning it, could benefit stream habitats and new residents and visitors. Learn more >

All three are included in a project booklet: